Career Guidance Activities

Activities in the school include university visits, counselling sessions, career workshops and many more, which focus on giving students the needed exposure and clarity on matters related to their choice of careers and streams.

Student Choices

The information, on which course and country students want to study, plays a major role in understanding the mentality of each student. This helps us line up activities in the school which cater to specific needs of students helping them to understand their interests better.

Country Preference

 DPS Hyderabad

Course Preference

 DPS Hyderabad

Placement Records

Expert counselling and activities conducted in the school are successful methods to cater to the specific needs of students. This helps students with placements into colleges best suited for them

Below is the College Admission Status for the 2017 Batch

Total Admission Offer Received : 98

Universities making Admission Offers : 116