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Saturday, the fifth of November, saw the eleventh and twelfth graders of DPSH, travel to Pochampally, a small village located in the Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district of Telangana.

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The students of class XI and XII visited the Duke’s Chocolate Factory on August 2, 2014. The trip did remind them of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The students learnt about manufacture of chocolate and the other skills related to running a factory and the business. They were taken us around the factory and were shown the processes from one production stage to the other explaining in detail the various processes involved in grinding, conching, chocolate liquor, tempering, moulding and packaging.

Students were actively involved in collecting information and getting first-hand account of various functions of management and procedures involved in setting up and running of chocolate units. This visit helped students to relate the concepts learnt as part of their curriculum and their practical application.

With Children’s Day round the corner, a few events were organized for classes III and IV. One of them was a field trip to JalagamVengala Rao Park on 12th November, 2014. It was a day of fun and frolic for the children away from the classroom. The children had a wonderful time. They were very excited to be out in the open. They were organized into groups and played different games like Dog and the bone, Dumb charades, Antakshari etc. It was an exhilarating experience taken beyond the classrooms. Some of the students drew beautiful pictures of the sceneries they visualised around. Though they were tired by the end of the day, they carried back fond memories.

Excitement began early in the morning when the children of Class I and II went for a picnic to Jalagam Vengal Rao park on 11th November 2014.
The sunny bright day was just right for the picnic. There was enthusiasm and zeal among the children. They played many games with their class teachers. They went around the park for a nature walk and explored the flora and fauna of the park. The children carried their lunch and their favourite snacks. They played on the swings and slides to their full. They explored the park and recharged after a sumptuous round of goodies and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The whole outing was full of fun and frolic.
The Children ensured that the beautiful park was left clean and beautiful as it was when they had entered it. As responsible citizens they followed the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.
This short picnic was very refreshing and rejuvenating for the children.

Visiting the United States was like a dream. So credit must be given to the school (especially Principal ma'am) for giving us this wonderful opportunity to visit the U.S. Also, it is only fair to thank the four teachers, who took utmost care of us at all times, and also the organizers, for organizing everything brilliantly. We had a wonderful and varied experience in the U.S. At Disney World and Universal Studios, it was all about the joyous fun. We visited NASA- JFK Space Centre, where we had an amazing three days. We toured the space centre, explored rockets and space shuttles, saw a live rocket launch, watched videos about space missions, experienced zero gravity and simulated space conditions, and also indulged in various engineering tasks. Needless to say, we enjoyed every bit of it.

We then saw the breath-taking Niagra Falls, explored the Capitol Building and many memorials at Washington, visited the Hershie's Chocolate Factory, and also toured New York, where we saw the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Centre. It was magnificent and simply astounding. It was a really stunning experience and gave all of us a lot more than what we bargained for.

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