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Pre-Primary & Primary


Learning as an ongoing, wholesome process will be evaluated in a continuous and comprehensive manner. The Comprehensive Assessment process, at this stage, will focus on the daily, consistent progress made by the child in academic as well as co-curricular activities.

The Assessment procedure will be based on the child’s daily interaction in the class, his/her levels of general awareness, the quality of work produced by him/her, internalization of the concepts taught during the course of classroom interaction and the consequent learning outcomes throughout the year.

The Progress Profile of the students will be sent thrice in a year. Certificates are awarded to the students for meritorious performance in various areas of achievement.


There will be a Continuous Assessment process for Classes I-IV. This will include:

1 - Written Tests.

2 - Internal Assessments.

3 - A formal examination at the end of the year.

Grading System

Scholastic Area

Marks Range Grade
91-100 A+
81- 90 A
71- 80 B+
61- 70 B
51- 60 C+
41- 50 C
40 and Below D

Co Scholastic Area

Performance Grade
Excellent A
Very Good B
Good C
Satisfactory D
Needs improvement E